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Restaurant ERP Cloud System

Restaurant Management Cloud Technology integrates seamlessly with E-commerce website linked directly to your restaurant kitchen.
No commission. No third-party integrators.
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Covid-19 is no longer a threat to your restaurant business, sales and revenue

You can remotely take and manage orders, handle accounting issues, and manage employees

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All-in-one Cloud ERP system designed especially for restaurants

Lean System integrates the major significant restaurant management functions through a package of built-in solutions.

No duplicate data entry. Lean System automatically Passes data and transactions between systems.

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E-Commerce Website
  • Beat the quarantine and reach customers at their homes on any device.
  • No commissions on orders. Your profit margin is yours, and yours alone, as you do not need to integrate with third-party platforms that cost 15-30 % for each order placed.
  • Orders automatically processed from customers to your kitchen and Cashier printers.
  • Take orders online, inform your customers once the order is received, packaged, dispatched, and delivered.
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Accounting System
  • Cloud-based financial accounting system integrates seamlessly to other apps.
  • Designed especially for restaurants.
  • Easily maintain accounting books.
  • No accounting/bookkeeping knowledge required.
  • Keep track of all types of financial transactions, including debtor and creditor statement, purchases, sales, liabilities, ROI etc.
  • Auto-scheduled Reports.
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Reliable Cashier POS
  • Remotely, from one device, you can control, view and print all invoices, receipts, and payments of all orders in all your branches.
  • Validate and approve till content with every logging in or logging out from the system after every shift to ensure an accurate cash drawer and prevent theft.
  • Different PIN code for every employee.
  • Apply discounts and orders coupons.
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Kitchen's operations management
  • Eliminate human errors with the order list.
  • Seamless workflow: easily create, manage, and customize multiple kitchens and multiple branches according to your restaurant needs.
  • Order list is always updated.
  • No missing orders in the rush.
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HR Management
  • Maximize staff efficiency and manage your employees online.
  • Track your staff attendance using fingerprints.
  • Schedule and track your Staff Shifts and leaves.
  • Prepare payroll and control your labor costs.
  • Attract and recruit new employees.
  • Instant messaging, internal and public chat, virtual meetings between your staff.
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  • Catchy designs in multiple languages: Have a digital version of your printed menu.
  • Customers Display Mood: Customers can easily enter their own orders.
  • Unavailable items will be hidden and won’t be visible to the customer..
  • Upsell menu items to increase your Average Order Value : The E-menu can upsell or recommend paired dishes automatically.
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Machine and Equipment Tracker
  • List of all active or inactive machines and equipment in every branch of the restaurant.
  • Identify every piece's name, price, purchasing and manufacturing date, and quantity.
  • Identify the Return on Investment “ROI” on every piece of equipment by knowing its net profit and its cost of investment to ensure that any investment in capital equipment will be profitable for your restaurant.
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Inventory management system
  • Gain efficiency and stay on top of an inventory as healthy as Amazon's.
  • Automatically notifies you when you’re running low on ingredients or supplies to keep up with demand and never run out of items.
  • Control unlimited inventories amongst several branches from one central interface.
  • Comprehensive reports of existing stock, slow running stock, overall COGS, inventory purchasing costs, wasted inventory, and more.
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Purchasing Support
  • Alternative and reliable suppliers that specifically address the needs of F&B purchasing.
  • Simple deals to avoid confusion, uncertainty, and misunderstandings
  • Long-term contracts that provide much-needed stability to the restaurant.
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  • Reliable customer data to run effective marketing campaigns.
  • Personalized Customers experience to improve retention.
  • Send targeted messages to customers according to their activity on the website or the restaurant to notify them about the promotions and reward programs.
  • Easily run loyalty programs across various branches.
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Recipe Management System
  • Adding all flavors a restaurant wishes to offer, regular, medium spicy, spicy, etc.
  • Add ingredients, recipe instructions, quantities, and production time.
  • Connect every ingredient to its resource with all available alternatives.
  • Activate or deactivate any flavor according to its availability.
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Advanced Analytics & Statistics
  • Customize the report to encompass the required type of data.
  • Get access to detailed data, accurate metrics, and comprehensive reports to eliminate bottlenecks and make the right decisions and improvements based on live data.
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly Real-time sales, productivity, and consumption reporting.
  • Measure Performance & Monitor progress.
  • See the different trends happening in sales volume over a certain time.
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With Lean Cloud ERP System, you get everything in one hand and can get started right away

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No matter what your restaurant type is, we can help

  • Dine in / on table
  • Quick Service
  • Take-away
  • Café
  • Delivery
  • Fine Dining
  • Fast food restaurant
  • Food Truck
  • Fast Food Chain
  • Bakery
  • Central Kitchen
  • Cloud Kitchen

Stay Efficient With Built-In Solutions Designed Especially For Restaurants

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